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Skydiving in Miami is a great adventure, and freefalling over the incredible scenery of Downtown Miami, South Beach,and Keybiscane is one of the most incredible experiences you will ever have. So naturally, it’s very exciting to be heading out to the dropzone and absolutely normal to feel the adrenaline start pumping in your body. You might even have a few butterflies in your stomach whether it’s your first jump or not.

That’s why you may be surprised to find that everything is so calm, welcoming, and organized when you arrive and begin prepping for your jump. Sure, the focus of Miami Skydiving Center is thrill, excitement and fun, but your safety has always been top priority for us. Your Instructor is licensed by United States Parachute Association, and many instructors get their greatest joy in safely sharing this exciting experience with new skydivers. For them, getting you ready to fly to altitude and jump out is simply a matter of helping you through a few often-practiced steps and taking care of some simple requirements.

Preparation for Your Skydive

Your arrival time is listed on your reservation and you can just arrive a few minutes before to make sure you have time to use the bathroom and get ready. If you haven’t filled out our electronic Waiver you can do it at the location as well. Also, you must have a VALID government-issued photo ID that shows your date of birth.

After that, you will receive a short training to familiarize you with procedures of your jump, the technique for exiting the aircraft, and the freefalling position, followed by controlling the parachute and the landing position.

Miami Skydiving Center uses what is widely considered to be the best tandem gear on the market – Sigma Tandems. And your adrenaline will start to pump up just a little bit as your harness gets tightened for your upcoming jump. Feel free to ask questions and assist your instructor in making the harness snug but also comfortable.

The Jump

It’s time to board the aircraft and climb to altitude. This is one of the best parts of skydiving in Miami. The sight of the city, beaches and turquoise blue waters stretching to the horizon combine with your anticipation of the upcoming jump and make you feel awesome.

Next comes the ultimate thrill when you leave the aircraft into the rushing cool air for about 45 seconds of exhilarating freefall time with a velocity of 120mph. As soon as the parachute deploys, you begin the silent, peaceful 7-minute gliding descent above the spectacular views that only Miami can offer.

Landing is an easy but important part of the skydive as well. After a soft, gentle landing you are back to reality.

CONGRATULATIONS you have made a successful jump, now it’s time for hugs, high-fives and photos. Now the only question still remaining is how long before you are back in the sky again with Miami Skydiving Center?