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San Antonio

Tandem Skydive Jump




As a customer service-centered dropzone, we strive to provide top-level satisfaction for all of our jumpers.
You’ll love our absolutely contagious enthusiasm for the thrill of skydiving!
Our team is forged from some of the most experienced and highly-trained instructors in the industry.
We provide everything from pre-jump instruction, needed equipment, and skydive goggles. We fly two Tandem skydive passengers at a time in the aircraft.
Freefall will last about 35-45 seconds at speeds over 120 mph and your parachute ride lasts about 5-7 minutes.
Come iSkydive San Antonio for the Texas sized Rush


Your skydive will go down in history as one of your most thrilling days. An experience you'll want to relive.

Get photos and video of your skydive to share with friends and family, and to revisit as one of the best days of your life.



Our drop zone is located at the Castroville Municipal Airport. 

iSkydive San Antonio

Castroville Municipal Airport
10527 Airport Road
Castroville TX 78009

Thankyou so much to the staff, this wasn't my first jump but thanks to these guys cotton, Adam and Brandon it was certainly the most fun. Thankyou for give my girlfriend (Elizabeth) a fun, safe and exciting experience for her birthday. You guys are great Thankyou. I'll be back..

Kim Russell

I did my first ever sky dive here and had such an amazing experience. Free falling at 120mph was a rush! Brandon was AWESOME! He has a great personality and recorded a spectacular video. One of my favorite parts of the video was when he covered his eyes while free falling. Such a funny dude. I highly recommend Skydive Castroville!!! Also, I bought the groupon and saved money too!

Tiffany Agosto

My wife and I celebrated our one year anniversary with a tandem jump with Brian and Thomas. We couldn't have asked for a better experience. The staff were awesome and made you feel comfortable and relaxed from the ground up and back down. Highly recommended!

Casey Hicks

Had a blast checked of bucket list the jump is incredible the view was amazing it was the biggest adrenalin boost ever makes you think about your life and leaves you feeling fearless wanting more it is well worth the cost for the thrill and experience of riding in a plane jumping out and flying like a bird it was awesome the crew was great they make you feel comfortable from start to finish and safety was a major concern they where all good people and i would recommend anyone to go and take a jump it lets you know just how alive you really are its a must do after jumping you cane get a T shirt decals and certification of your adventure like i said it was unbelievable and i will never forget what a blast it was thank the family at Cartersville sky diving and god bless

Ted Brannum

Words do not give this particular experience justice, it must be experienced. Miami Skydiving Center has been around for a really long time, long enough to make this event into a magnificent art form.

John Perdomo