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iSkydive America

Tandem Skydive Jump




Our team is forged from some of the most experienced and highly-trained instructors in the industry.
You’ll love our absolutely contagious enthusiasm for the thrill of skydiving!
As a customer service-centered dropzone, we strive to provide top-level satisfaction for all of our jumpers.
We provide everything from pre-jump instruction, needed equipment, and skydive goggles. We fly two Tandem skydive passengers at a time in the aircraft.
Freefall will last about 35-45 seconds at speeds over 120 mph and your parachute ride lasts about 5-7 minutes.


Your skydive will go down in history as one of your most thrilling days. An experience you'll want to relive.

Get photos and video of your skydive to share with friends and family, and to revisit as one of the best days of your life.



Our drop zone is located at the Municipal Airport, Casa Grande. 

iSkydive Phoenix

Municipal Airport
3225 N. Lear Ave.
Casa Grande,
AZ 85122

Had a great experience. My son and I went, Tom and Tyler were awesome. We will do it again

Mark Miller

Great Experience! The instructors/tandem skydivers are really friendly. They are awesome at what they do and making sure everyone enjoys their experience while keeping everyone safe. Definitely would skydive here again.

Adam Shelton

Experience of a lifetime for a great price. My girlfriend and I had Tim and Dave take us on our jumps and they made everything easy and fun. They both had great attitudes that helped with feeling anxious but also got me really excited at the same time. Motion sickness is a thing and I will definitely plan around that next time (my fault for not taking something), but the experience was awesome and I would absolutely go again.


Best experience. Instructors are relaxed but still making sure you are safe. I recommend to try it yourself because the experience cannot be described in words

Marc Medeiros

First time sky diving, everyone made me feel very safe. Excellent personalities, worth every dime and then some. 12/10 would recommend. Great family owned company too.

Sam Meyer