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Phoenix Area Skydiving has won its FAA Part 16 formal appeal against the city of Casa Grande, AZ claiming discrimination on the part of the city against the business.

The FAA’s determination was released in December, 2018. Following its investigation, the FAA determined that the city’s actions to deny Phoenix Area Skydiving DZO Luther Kurtz access to his skydiving business was discriminatory, and violated the city’s FAA grant obligation to accommodate all types of aeronautical activities.

The agency has dismissed the city’s appeal and suspended the airport’s grant applications until a corrective action plan to allow skydiving activities at the airport is submitted and approved by the FAA. The city has 30 days to submit the plan. “The associate administrator finds that the Compainants’ Appeal does not contain persuasive arguments sufficient to reverse any portion of the Directors Determination finding that the city is in violation of Grant Assurance 22 and Grant Assurance 23,” the document states.

(Source: FAA Documents and The Parachutist. Image from file)