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Become a licensed skydiver


Complete our Accelerated Freefalling Course and you have the power to jump solo anywhere in the world.

Package together iSkydive Detroit’s Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Ground School and First Jump package and you can take your first skydive plunge solo — no one strapped behind you. This USPA certified AFF program is an 8-level training course (A-H), with a total of 25 jumps then required for an “A” license.

6 Hours Ground School Training

In our 6-hour Ground School training you'll be introduced to all aspects of skydiving including how to use all the equipment needed for your first solo skydive.
Ground School will also cover procedures for exiting the aircraft, proper body positions for your freefall and emergency procedures for the unlikely chance that something goes wrong.

First 3 Training Skydives with 2 Certified Instructors

Your first three skydives will be completed with two certified instructors diving next to you. These skydives are a chance for you to practice the basic movements of the body during a skydive and gain an awareness of the ground during a dive.

Book online and get a free video of your first jump.

A video of your skydive can help you evaluate your performance and identify areas for improvement. Book online and we'll give you a free video of your first jump.

Make your first solo skydive on the day of your Ground school (night class excluded)

Itching to hit the skies and feel the rush of a freefall? We don't blame you.

Once you've completed your 6-hour ground training, you can gear up and begin your journey as a skydiver — this means you can skydive solo on the same day you complete your Ground School. The only things that can stand in your way are nightfall and lousy weather.

iSkydive Detroit

Experienced Jumpers

Everyone is welcome at iSkydive Detroit! Drink in views of Michigan’s state capital and the Detroit area with the closest Skydiving location to Lansing, Ann Arbor. At iSkydive Detroit we do everything possible to ensure you enjoy your stay with us. But we do require a few things for you to jump at iSkydive Detroit:

• You must be 18 years of age or older.
• You must be a current member of the USPA.
• You must have a current logbook or An electronic version such as a ProTrack will work as well.
• Your equipment needs be TSO Rated, and your reserve parachute must be packed by an FAA Parachute Rigger. 

2024 Jump Prices

Lift Tickets (10,500)
$30.00 each

Gear Rental
$30 per jump plus Lift Ticket

All Skydiving Services Are Available at iSkydive Detroit
Skydivers can find experienced coaches that can accommodate jumpers of any level from “just off skydiving course” to advanced coaching in all disciplines.
We also offer recurrency & water training, as well as Rigging Services.
For more information please reach out to us!

Plunge with the pros

Jump with the experts

At iSkydive America, the thrill of a lifetime is packaged up by a crew of absolute professionals. Here are a few numbers to prove it.

Tandem Skydives we've completed


Since launching in 2001, we've coordinated a massive 230,489 tandem jumps (and counting!) across 9 breathtaking locations.

Altitude we've climbed

414,880,200 feet

Tally up all our skydives and you'd be millions and millions of feet into outer space—414 million, to be exact.

Skydive Centers in the iSkydive Family


iSkydive America has a total of 12 locations, the most of any skydive company in America.

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28730 SW 217th Ave Homestead,
Fl 33030

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